Monday, July 30, 2012

Shake it up!

Living with ups and downs! I have to say there have been ups and downs. On a positive note, I saw the pain service and they were thrilled with my progress and believe the Cyberknife is helping me and my pain issues. My pain has gotten dramatically better. I have started decreasing some of my meds! Yeah! So we have some victories to celebrate!! I am hoping that by removing some of these meds I may be relieved of some side effects!

On the flip side I have been experiencing "the shakes" actually pretty violent shakes on and off for the past week and a half. It happens only at night. I get cold and shake, shake shake. Then I spike a fever. It rises up to 101.5 then lots of sweating back down to normal. Makes for a scary night and exhausting. I have learned however that it could be the tumor dying off. And that all the shaking is related to the dying of the tumor cells. So it could be a good thing but a rough road. So I have to prepare myself and my mom for those shaky nights.

Thank you all for your continued support! I feel it coming through! I can do this. 4 more Cyberknife sessions to go. Then on August 6th I start my chemotherapy once every 3 weeks. This cancer us getting blasted!

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rocketgirl said...

This is awesome news, I can imagine you are thrilled to see some progress as we are too! Shake that tumor off! Big Hug to you!

rocketgirl said...
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Sara T. said...

Great news that the cyberknife is working on the pain! What a relief. Sorry about the shakes, though. I hope it is that cancer breaking down. I can't wait to see you in some journal as a cyberknife success story. Take Care, Sara T

Anonymous said...


I am glad your pain is finally showing some improvement. We think of you daily. Hope we can see you back home soon.
Trying to sell our easy task in the Lettered Streets.

Sending good wishes,

Kateri, Omar and Max

Christina said...

I am so glad to hear that your pain is finally improving- I will pray that continues and that all these shakes are truly the cancer DYING. As Lia says when she wants something gone or over- "Go way" cancer! I pray for you daily and think of you often. Lots of love to you and B and C.

Suzagnes said...

Sending you love, Alexis, with strong memories of your amazing resilience and perseverance all these years since we stood together at the PP front desk. I have a slim book of poetry I'd like to offer you, if you haven't already read it: What the Ice Gets. Melinda Mueller's epic poetic version of the story of Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1916, on the ship, Endurance. She says she used the story during her own battle with cancer to "borrow calm." I'll drop it by to your G St house soon. Love to you, who are so often in my thoughts even tho I don't speak up much. Love to your brave and stalwart man & boy, too.