Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I feel like Alice in wonderland, who has fallen down the rabbit hole. I am not sure how I ended up here. Where to start? As I mentioned I continued to have shakes and fevers for 2 weeks and I wasn't sure why. Finally I found a skin infection that clued me in to the fever and shake issue. I saw my oncologist and she prescribed me an antibiotic. I returned 2 days later and it had improved but she felt I needed more antibiotics. I had just finished Cyberknife and was quite sleepy. However I was excited to return to Bellingham and spend more time with my son.

The night I returned we had a nice transition. We relaxed and took it easy.
I have been sleeping down stairs to be closer to the bathroom. I went to sleep and the chills and fever began. It was torture. Basically my temperature stayed at 102 degrees the whole night. I took tylenol. By morning I was drenched with sweat because my fever was going down. I was a mess, my body was weak and my oncologist said I should head down to the hospital. I checked in and the tests began. The fevers continued. I was a zombie for days. They narrowed it down to pneumonia, the skin infection, or a kidney issue. After a CT they were still unsure. My oncologist was on vacation so it took a little longer to make diagnosis. I was in the hospital for 16 days. I also learned that I had some tumors in my right lungs and some are pushing on some veins that are contributing to the swelling in my legs. I learned the next round of chemo will not be curative but may make me feel better. They never figured out my fevers. Even infectious disease couldn't figure it out. So I was a mystery and my fevers were labeled tumor fevers. These tumor fevers will never go away. Finally I left the hospital. I was sent home with a PCA pump attached to my port. The PCA stands for pain control analgesic. I am now walking slightly using a walker. I am at my moms in Seattle. I have home visitors coming up to 3 times a day. Helping me with walking, bathing and my PCA. I wish I could say I am feeling better. I am better since being admitted to the hospital. But for the most part I feel pretty crummy. I am trying to hang in there and work on feeling better and the fevers continue. Thank you for all the prayers and hope!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweet momma. My heart is with you. PLEASE please please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you and the family. <3 Hang in there warrier momma-Chelsea

KC said...

You are so strong! I can't imagine going through all that just to find out what is wrong--and *then* the treatment begins. It must be so frustrating. I hope you start to feel better and that those mysteries subside.--Kendahl

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexis,

We are thinking of you every day. Please let us know if we can help out in any way here in Bellingham. Our house didn't we're taking it off the market. Will stay in Bellingham for now. I hope the fevers and pain improve.
Sending prayers ,

Kateri, Omar, and Max

Anonymous said...

Sending you healing thoughts and our prayers. love SamJanSoPan

Anonymous said...

You are so brave and a good witness to the rest of us mamas. Thank you for sharing and giving others hope and strength to keep going when the going gets rough. I admire you deeply and you are in my daily prayers.
I am reevaluating my priorities after reading your story.
Love Hugs & Energy

Sandi said...

Praying that the fevers stop and you can spend time with your sweet Canyon and hubby. This first part of September should be beautiful for just wheeling around and sitting outside. Maybe watching the vine maple leaves turn color.

This isn't the update I wanted for you and wish it could all be wished away. So often I think of you at work and send your way mending thoughts, calm, painfree wishes. You are so loved sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

This is the pits. I am focusing healing and peaceful energy to you, and hope that you will get some relief from the new PCA. I think of you often. ~Christa

Anonymous said...

Alexis ,
I am a stranger but used to live in Bellingham. I have been reading your blog for the past two days. I am deeply touched by your openness and honesty as you have gone down this difficult path. I was thinking of what I might share with you and after I read your most recent post I had a song pop into my head...About you & your love for your wonderful family. ..."Can you feel the Love tonight"..I think it's from the lion king. How's that for silly. Blessed be..I will keep you in my prayers!